Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV)


This Apprenticeship is about driving passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs). Across the country, from the school run to the last bus home, PCVs deliver people from place to place – and it’s the drivers who make sure they get there safely. It takes a lot of skill to drive an 18-tonne bus round narrow city centre streets, and some coach drivers may have to go even further – driving long distances on motorways, or driving abroad.

As a PCV driver, you’ll be expected to help passengers safely reach their destinations on time, pay attention to other road users, assist passengers with special needs, keep your vehicle in good working order… and know how to keep your cool if surrounded by difficult passengers, singing school children, or fare dodgers.

You won’t necessarily need a licence to gain entry to this Apprenticeship, but you’ll work towards a PCV provisional licence during your training. Bear in mind that this type of licence requires you to meet certain medical requirements. As an apprentice you’ll also have to achieve a PCV driver certificate of professional competence (CPC) before you can drive for your company.


Foundation Apprenticeship
  • Level 2 Diploma in Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving
  • Level 2 BTEC Knowledge for a Professional Bus/Coach Driver
  • Essential Communication Skills (Level 1)
  • Essential Application of Number Skills (Level 1)

If you have already achieved Essential Skills or have GCSEs A – C in Maths and English; you won’t have to undertake them again as part of the qualification. (Certificates will need to be provided as proof.)

Training Duration
  • Foundation Apprenticeship – minimum 26 weeks


You must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours to undertake an apprenticeship. You make an agreement with us to complete your apprenticeship, and in return, you’ll get regular support from your Assessor.