Business and Customer Service

LRC Training offer a range of Apprenticeship opportunities in Business Administration and Customer Service.

An Apprenticeship is a great way to bring new talent to an organisation and is also a cost-effective way to develop the skills of existing staff.

Our apprenticeship provision includes:


Business Administration

A qualification in Business Administration is relevant to those working in an administrative support role such as Receptionist, Secretary, Office Assistant, Personal Assistant, Supervisor, Team Leader, or, Manager working in Public or Private organisations.

  • Level 2 is suitable for those who are new to the job, as well as those with more experience.  It suits those who work in, or want to work in a business support role and are interested in learning how to carry out everyday administrative tasks.
  • Level 3 is aimed at people who have some knowledge and experience of administrative functions.  It is suitable for those who want to develop their skills to implement and monitor administrative procedures and systems, and perhaps move into a supervisory or management role.
  • Level 4 is ideal for people who deliver administrative support services and contribute at a strategic level.  It is suitable for those who already lead or manage a team, or want to move on to such a role.


Customer Service

A qualification in Customer Service is relevant to those who work, or want to work within the Customer Service sector.  It is appropriate for those who handle customer enquiries, analyse customer feedback, or, are involved in planning customer service improvements within an organisation.

  • Level 2 is primarily aimed at those who already have some experience in customer service and are able to handle more difficult customers.  Those undertaking this qualification will develop the communication skills that are needed to effectively deal with different types of customers.
  • Level 3 is aimed at those who want to enhance their skills in delivering effective customer service or, develop the skills of others within the customer service environment.  The qualification is suitable for those who may also have significant responsibility for delivering internal and external customer service in their team or organisation.


Apprenticeships are primarily delivered in the workplace.  Learners and employers benefit from the support and guidance of a dedicated team of experienced assessors at every stage of their learning journey.

To learn more about our apprenticeship provision, or to discuss eligibility to take the next step in your business or customer service career, contact LRC Training today.