Jordan really is a cut above

After leaving school and looking for work, it was during a haircut appointment in Llanelli, Jordan Jones got speaking to 6 HUB Wales, barber shop owner Damian Hart, the result was an impromptu job interview and the path to employment began. This included Damian mentioning a potential opening in a Local Flooring specialist, Rickwoods Llanelli

Armed with this information and after a visit to Careers Wales, an appointment with Llanelli Rural Council Training was made, Jordan was then signed up to the JGW+ Advancement programme

Jordan attended the centre in Vauxhall, Llanelli, completed his C.V, a letter of interest, took part in group activities and gained valuable confidence and social skills, whilst awaiting a start date with the flooring firm.

Llanelli Rural Council staff arranged an interview with Gary Rickwood of Rickwood Flooring Llanelli, a date to start Jordan’s career path was agreed and the work placement began in November of 2022.

Jordan although nervous at first, very quickly begun to learn the skills required, with the support and guidance from LRC Training and the skilled staff at Rickwoods.

Laying the foundation

During one of his monthly reviews in February 2023, the company decided that Jordan had progressed sufficiently enough to be considered for employment. The process began to enable Jordan to secure his goal of full time employment.

LRC Training staff arranged the transfer with Cardiff Itec, from the JGW+ Advancement Strand to the JGW+ Employability Strand. With support from Administration Assistant Lowri Thomas at Rickwoods and Nia Wyn Bell of LRC Training, Jordan entered into the world of employment on March 6th 2023.


“We are very happy to have been involved in the JGW+ Programme, being able to support a young local, person such as Jordan, into employment, has been a learning curve for us all.

We are grateful for the support and guidance to both Jordan & Rickwoods by the LRC training staff, it made the experience a little easier on myself, my staff and Jordan. I would recommend the programme to employers and young people of Llanelli and surrounding areas, as a way to train the workforce of the future.”

Gary Rickwood, Rickwoods Llanelli


“I have known Jordan since he was a very young boy and started to come into the shop for a haircut. We chatted a lot as I styled his hair, Jordan mentioned that he wasn’t enjoying college and would like to try his hand at flooring and laying carpets. I contacted a very good friend and customer Gary Rickwood about giving Jordan an opportunity and the rest as they say is history. It’s very pleasing to know that we could all come together, by word of mouth, the JGW+ Programme, a local employer and a willing young man, has led to Jordan earning his spurs.

Damain Hart 6 HUB Wales, Llanelli


“I wasn’t really happy in college, so when I spoke to Damian Hart in 6 HUB Barber shop, it was very uplifting to know that there might be an opportunity for me in Rickwoods. Everyone has been really helpful since that haircut, Careers, LRC Training and Rickwoods. I’m grateful that there was an opportunity to be on a programme, which made it easier for me, to learn on the job and showcase my talent”.

Jordan Jones JGW+ Learner


It has been a pleasure to work with both, Jordan & the staff at Rickwoods Llanelli, on the JGW+ Programme. The community has been seen to be working together, with a chance conversation in a Barbers, leading to Jordan having an opportunity to progress to full time employment. The progression Jordan has made is amazing and he should be very proud of himself. The company have been patient, understanding and very helpful in the progression of Jordan”.

Clive Williams, LRC Training

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